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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Key is No Complaining

Early this week my friend Claire was telling me about her and her friend's experiment to making this week a happy one. What is it? Well, not *or attempt to not* to complain. It's that simple! Claire and Kaitlin made a conscious effort to not complain about school work and stress. According, to Claire who reported back to me in our Modern Civilization class today that it definitely improved her week and she does feel like it was an easy way to improve her happiness levels! 

How it works... Claire and Kaitlin made these little books (below). Every time they go to complain, instead of complaining they re-write this quote that they found in a little book made from looseleaf. This was their motto...

"The best way of removing negativity is to LAUGH 
and be JOYOUS"

Talk about some really cool inspiration! I may have to try that next week and give it a shot! I am definitely down for anyway to bring more laughter and joy into my life. 

Thanks, Claire and Kaitlin for the super fun, healthy, and cute idea!!

- Alex  

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