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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October's Bulletins

This month I decided I would do a Breast Cancer Awareness theme! So I gathered some ideas off of Pinterest and from my friend, Hannah. With all of the ideas I got, I came up with this really cool idea for a bulletin board to spread awareness about breast cancer. I basically put together several different breast cancer awareness boards I have seen and I really like the outcome!

There is a ribbon stretching across the board with bras I cut out
from construction paper and hung from them.

There are facts about breast cancer on this power point slides I
printed out! 

The passive program is on the right
of this picture!! 

I also added a passive program to the board called Prayer List, where my residents can write down people's names who have cancer and as a community we can pray for them! I thought it would be a great way to tie faith into the community!

My door decorations are just simple pink ribbons! I have a great group of friends who helped me cut all 50 of them out! That was really helpful since I cut about 35 little pink ribbons out for the background of the board and my hands were exhausted!  

- Alex  

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  1. Alex! So cute! Can't wait to see you and your decorations this weekend!!
    Molly :)


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