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Monday, October 29, 2012

EJS Service Day

 This past Saturday, some Mount St. Mary's U students (organization: Educators for Justice Society) and I participated in serving the Pen Lucy Action Network's Power in Dirt program. We teamed up with the Ember Cast and Serve the City  for the day, and together made a difference!

We left the mount at 7:20am for our drive into Baltimore. On our way down we noticed that we were only three minutes from the destination site, but we were surrounded by well-landscaped mansions and nice cars. It felt like within a blink of the eye the town's demographics went from rich to poor in a moment.

EJS Team
It was almost unreal how drastic the change was and at the same time I couldn't help but feel angry about it.
There are people in their stone houses and perfectly kept lawns living less than a mile from a community that is in need of some outreach and compassion. But, I channeled my emotions into the project at hand.

So what did we do? There are nearly 30,000 abandoned properties in Baltimore City (Facts). We worked with Power in Dirt and helped the beginning stages of transforming an unused lot into a pretty park.

STC, Ember, and EJS 
We cleared up excess dirt, picked up trash, raked leaves, dug up concrete--all to prepare to build a fence around the lot. The main rep from Power in Dirt explained that when he first started working on the lot the grass was out of control, their was a lot of trash, and they had to clear a couple tons of dead tree from the back of the lot. Talk about a drastic change in appearance!

We also drilled the holes, leveled and put up the fence, and mowed the lawn. The lot started looking more and more complete as the day went on. It was very rewarding seeing the fence completed at the end of the day.

But, before we left to go back to The Mount we walked 2 blocks to a local park. We checked out the local neighborhood and made some observations on our way. For me, this was probably the best part of the day. I love to look around at the environment and see what community I'm serving. We then had a really great discussion about the day and how we felt about the work we did. It was nice hearing from my fellow members and other volunteers on their thoughts about the project!

Overall, this was probably one of the best Saturdays I have had in awhile! I can't wait to see what the park looks like when its finished!

Please, keep the Pen Lucy Community and Power in Dirt in your prayers 
as they finish the park. 

Thanks STC and Ember Cast for giving MSM's EJS 
a great opportunity to make a difference.

- Alex  

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  1. great stuff alex. lots of fun working with your team!


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