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Monday, October 22, 2012

Healthy Ramen? Impossible

College students are all too familiar with the concept of instant food. Ramen is the famous culprit for why most students gain the Freshmen 15, and who's to blame them. Ramen is easy to make and its tasty... but not so 'tasty' for your health. I try to avoid eating those instant and processed meals, but occasionally I'll give into the oh-so-quick easy-mac. 

I stumbled across this really cool and somewhat healthy way to cook Ramen while I was visiting my boyfriend at his University a couple of weekends ago. One of his friend introduced him to this idea a little while back and this is his new favorite way to dine on a low budget and in a short time frame. 

I kept having to snag a couple bites even though
he had already made me a panini! 

What he did: 

1) He started out with a standard package of beef ramen.
2) Followed the cooking instructions. (I would add only half the packet of artificial flavoring to cut down on the sodium intake) 
3) Cracked an egg into the boiling water. The boiling water cooked the egg and definitely adds some protein to such a starchy meal. You could also add some veggies if you had any at your dorm/apartment. 

I had never even thought of putting anything else in my Ramen before and I wish I would have heard of it sooner! Combining different veggies and or spices would definitely add some different flavors to the boring meal and would give a good source of protein. 

Thanks, Chad for sharing. 

- Alex  

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  1. I love how he is eating straight from the pot :)
    Hope all is well, miss you!



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