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Monday, October 15, 2012

The Perfect Weekend

After, almost two months I finally got to hang out with my boyfriend, just the two of us! I love hanging out with him and his family or with my family or friends, but we needed some time to just talk to each other without any other distractions. Skype and over the phone are fine, but to have an actual face to face conversation... nothing can beat that!

Here are just a couple of pictures of our awesome weekend together: 

 Chad, made me the best meal on Friday night! What the dinner included: grilled asparagus, breaded chicken, and rigatoni with vodka sauce. We also had bread, brie, and olive oil-- talk about delicious! I brought sparkling cider, which really set the mood for the perfect night. Oh, and Chad got me hooked on sriracha! - I'm now totally addicted. 

 We went to a farm where we picked pumpkins and did a corn maze! I don't think I have laughed so hard in my entire life. It was great getting lost in the corn maze and occasionally making our own paths.  Haha, we went to the farm with another close couple of ours, Amanda and DJ and together the four of us had the best double date! 

We all went to Outback Steakhouse after the fun adventure on the farm. They had this great deal were for $15 you get, a soup, salad, entrée with a side, and a dessert. I only got through the soup and the salad before I had to give up, but as usual, Chad cleared his plates with no trouble (bottomless pit). 

Above, is a picture of the crew carving pumpkins and acting silly with the guts! I couldn't have asked for a better weekend with my Chadders! We had so much fun together and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful boyfriend. 

Hope your weekend was just as awesome. 

- Alex  

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