Radiating Sunshine: Poached Eggs & Orange Juice

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Poached Eggs & Orange Juice

** all opinions are my own **
Last weekend Josh and I did some breakfast exploration! We decided to try new things and to experiment in the kitchen. So, we brought out the pans and pots and made our first batch of poached eggs together. Josh was responsible for the sausage and english muffins and I made the hollandaise sauce and poached the eggs. 
 I have never poached an egg before and I don't think Josh has ever focused on toasting english muffins and grilling sausages all at once. But, boy were we successful. Our sausages were perfectly cooked, we only lost one egg in the poaching process, the hollandaise sauce was succulent, and the english muffins were toasted to perfection.
Here are some tips and tricks to poaching eggs: (for amatures) 

 - use a small measuring cup and crack the egg into it (1/3 cup)
 - use a wooden spoon and stir the *almost boiling* water
 - gently add the egg to the boiling water

 - crack the egg directly into the boiling water
 - continually try to stir the egg together
 - fish the egg out with a pointed utensil

 And do serve your poached eggs with Florida's Natural Fit & Delicious Orange Juice®! Josh absolutely loves orange juice, so I know when he is coming to spend a weekend at my place, I need to make sure I have orange juice on hand. And let me tell you, the Fit & Delicious Orange Juice® is light and heavenly. It was so refreshing and made for a lovely addition to our breakfast spread!! It's new to Florida's Natural® line of OJ products, so I would recommend looking for it on your next grocery trip.
** I was not compensated by Florida's Natural to write this post. All opinions are my own **

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