Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 7/6/15

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend Recap 7/6/15

Happy {Belated} Fourth of July, friends! I hope you all had safe weekends that were full of family, friends, and fireworks! My weekend was wonderful. I was off work on Friday, so I drove home and spent the weekend catching up with my family and getting laundry done. On Friday, I met up with my roommate from college, Hannah and we talked about her engagements and our lives. It's crazy that we used to live in the same world and we did the same things and now we are both on opposite schedules with completely different lives. The only downside to sitting for 5 hours catching up in the sun was the sunburn we both experienced. After my afternoon out, I came home and did two loads of laundry, worked on homework for grad school, and watched a movie with my dad. I also made these babies. Years ago, long before Pinterest, my good friend Amanda taught me how to make these cuties. White chocolate, blue sprinkle, strawberries is the perfect Fourth of July treat. 
Saturday & The Fourth of July: 
On Saturday morning, my sister Brooke and I went to breakfast and went to the grocery store! I really miss her since I moved to PA. I'm thankful we had the short amount of time together before she left to go camping. When we got home, I folded laundry and got ready for my college friends to come over.

We decided to create a new tradition starting this year... Our hope is that every year, all of us will get together with our significant others and families and enjoy time together. We had a great four years together during college and hopefully even more wonderful years to come.

Kevin & Matt
Hannah, Liz (Kevin's Fiance), Ben, Afton, Angela, & (Me)
Bob & Joel

*Not pictured James, Cat, & Noelle*
I'm really not sure where we will all be next year or the year after that. But, hopefully we will all be able to come together around the 4th of July and take pictures, reminisce on good memories, and laugh a heck of a lot. 
And hopefully, Liz and I will be able to take a picture without having these silly boys trying to constantly photo bomb us! I mean come on, all we want is one picture and they refuse to let us have it. Oh well, I guess the next time we will try to get a pic is when she ties the knot in October, woot woot!!

That's all for now folks! It's going to be a busy busy week with lots of 
things that are changing in my RD world. And I'm so pumped for this upcoming weekend!

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