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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Watching Baseball

To be completely honest, for the majority of my life I never followed baseball. I just thought it was kind of boring. I enjoyed going to the games, partly because it was a social event and I usually got dip n dots! So, for the most part I took no interest in baseball. I knew how it worked and I cheered on the O's, but that was really the extent of my passion for baseball. Until I met this guy!

Josh is probably one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to sports... and really life! He can tell you the elaborate technicalities of the games and even remember scores from past games (literally decades ago)! Not sure where he stores all of this information, but I knew when we first started dating that sports would definitely become a part of my life (specifically baseball). So, I began learning everything I could. I would listen to his critiques of players, ask questions, call out the stupid rules and demand explanations for them (foul balls in baseball-- what's a strike and what's not)! So, a few weekends back I had my first baseball filled weekend!
On Friday night, we went to his brother's All-Start Baseball Game! We went for a walk around the field and we talked about the players. For once, I felt smart enough to call a strike or a ball. I even know what the position numbers are and when an error happens all the field (cue applause here).

And on Saturday, we really hit it off while watching the Nats vs. Pirates game in DC and seeing our first No-Hitter!! I have never been to the Nationals' Ballpark so we got into the park early to look around, get Shake Shack, and watch some batting practice.
Still a big fan of ballpark food... just not the prices!
 We went with his brother and dad and we had a ball (no pun intended). The rain even held off until the end of the game. I'm glad they invited me to tag along with them and that the day turned out to be so nice. Baseball is America's past time and I'm glad I finally know stuff about it and can enjoy watching it.
However, I'm still not at the point where I will willingly watch a baseball game on TV by myself... I'm still working on that! But, for now I'm happy with the progress I've made ;) Maybe I'll even start practicing my wiffel ball skills!

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