Radiating Sunshine: Past, Present, & Future

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Past, Present, & Future

 It's kind of weird looking back at what my blog used to look like. Actually, one of my biggest regrets and something I hope all bloggers start/continue to do is document what your blog looks like before you do design changes. When I first started blogging, Radiating Sunshine was called Curls, Crafts, Cooking & More (I know what a mouthful) and after 6 months or so Radiating Sunshine was born and with that came my need to HTML Code and format the entire blog. I have learned a lot over the past three years with blogging. I have thoroughly enjoyed  my blog journey and all of the bloggers I have met on my way. This blog has seen me through my undergrad college experience, life's ups and downs, different friendships, different places, getting into Graduate School, getting my first job, moving into my first apartment. This blog has given me the opportunity to document it all.  
I have learned a lot on this blogging journey! I have had very successful posts... and some not so successful posts. Like when I tried to do a Product Love Link Up! I think I linked up by myself for a few weeks before I got the picture... this was not a successful link up. However, there are some successes too! I participated in some blog swaps, guest posts, several giveaways, my blog grew tremendously, I learned a lot about HTML coding, and followed new blogs. When I first started blogging, it was very much a blog only world. But, now we have an Insta-blog world too. I'm still learning how to use the appropriate social media outlets and pair them with the blog. It's exciting how all of this technology changes the way the blog world works.

What is even funnier to look back and compare it to now is how much my appearance has changed, but yet also stayed the same. Besides some minor weight gain during the summer of my sophomore year (no doubt due to the delicious Texas food), some long curls and some short curls, some tanned skin and some fair skin... this blog has seen it all! We've been through thick and thin times and I'm so glad I got to document it all!
Another thing that this blog has seen is my entire relationship with this guy! I'm so glad I met this man back when he was a wee-sophmore and I was a Junior! We're slowly approaching the year and a half mark and we couldn't be more excited. We have so many plans for this summer, like going to family reunions, to the beach, and moving me into my new apartment.

So, life has been pretty great over these four years of blogging! I can't wait to see what the next four years holds for Radiating Sunshine and to see where we go.

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