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Friday, August 22, 2014

Vitality VoxBox

So, last week I finally had a moment out of RA training to check my mailbox and was so excited to find the newest Influenster VoxBox patiently waiting for me! If you're interested in jointing influenster send me an email at radiatingsunshineblog@gmail.com I would love to help another blogger out and get them involved with some product testing... 

Anyways, in between all the hustle and bustle of RA training and Freshmen move in day I managed to test out most of these products and I wanted to give y'all a little spiel about what I thought. 

Well for starters I think the number one item in this box is the Softlips cube! Let me just say the turquoise container is beyond perfect and matches my room so well! I am a big fan of softlips and I've always loved their products.

Unfortunately, I haven't used the tampons of the burn cream (I don't think unfortunately is the right word here) Anyways, hopefully I won't ever have to try out the First Degree Burn Cream but, if something were to happen I know I will have the right medicine to help me out.
  The other products that this #vitavoxbox came with are Pure Leaf Sweet Tea, Bikini Ready Gummies (vitamins), and Playtex Sport tampons! I loved the sweet tea and the vitamins... really anything sweet is right up my alley! I was doing a little research on the Bikini Ready Gummies because I was so shocked at how good they were... I was literally eating them and was so bummed the sample only came with two gummies. Anyways, the packaging begged me to wonder what do I do to get bikini ready? Well, unfortunately I don't see a bikini in my near future... but, in the spring I really try to get active and go on walks as much as possible. I'm so blessed to live on such a beautiful college campus and walking with J or some friends is such a simple way to stay fit.
all of the opinions above are my own. I was provided this box by Influenster

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