Radiating Sunshine: Tips and Tricks for Passing Finals Week

Monday, May 5, 2014

Tips and Tricks for Passing Finals Week

So, the season of finals is here! Some college students have finished, some college students are just beginning, and some college students still have a little while until there finals begin. But, wherever you're at in the finals process check out a few tips and tricks that I have found successful to use during finals week.

1) Make a Plan:

When finals do roll around, it is crucial to have a plan. Simply planning out your week can really give you peace of mind and can help your productivity levels soar. What I like to do is write down when my exams are, when I'm going to study for them, and incorporate work and other activities into the mix. Simply seeing each day written out is beyond helpful.

2) Actually Study

Yeah, yeah I know this one is a no brainer... but, if you're stressed about a final or your final grade for a class it can help if you designate a few hours the week before for simply preparing to study. What does preparing to study look like? Well, I like to print out all the study guides, make a list of things I know pretty well and a list of things that I still need to master and then go from there. Eventually everything on the must-master-list will be on the know-pretty-well list and I feel really confident while going into the exam.

3) Take Care of Your Health

Not to get all biopsychology on y'all but, when your stress and sleep deprived you're more likely to get sick. So, picture sick you who is exhausted and stressed trying to pass a final... yeah, that's what I thought. So, instead of getting all stressed out, pulling an all nighter, and downing some cold medicine... eat a salad, get some sleep, and study in between. 

My current salad of choice: 3 cups of spinach leaves, a pinch of parmesan cheese, a few raw onions, half a cup of red peppers, a cup of tomatoes, a cup of grilled chicken, 3 tbsp of sesame dressing served with a pita bread... i'm basically obsessed with this dish, which means I better try some alternatives or I'll get sick of it soon

Also, and while we are on the topic of taking care of your health... try to avoid excessive caffeine intake during finals. I'm a coffee drinker and as I write this post I'm sipping on a large coffee with some hazelnut creamer (delicious) but, pumping your body with caffeine all day whether in the form of coffee, tea, soda, or an energy drink is not the way to go. So, don't make the mistake in thinking that when your caffeine levels go up your productivity levels go up too... because they don't.

4) Have Faith

Finals is a stressful time for almost everyone... but, if you take a step back, get all of your stuff together, and actually believe in yourself you can move mountains... or at least get close to the grade you want.

Hope this helps, good luck! I know y'all will do wonderfully :)

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  1. Such good tips! Especially the health one. I tried to sneak in a short work-out or a quick run and eat healthy meals during finals week, and it really does make all the difference when it comes to your energy and ability to focus. Good luck on finals! I know you will do great!



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