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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Moving Out: College

So, I'm currently writing this post as I procrastinate unpacking... but, I wanted to write a quick post moving out: college! Now, moving out is quite a process especially when you're a girl... especially when you seem to collect ten times more stuff when its time to move out. 

Anyways, since I've moved out of my residence hall room 3 times now I figured I would go ahead and give y'all some advice on stuff not to do, when moving out of college. 

My friend, Alex sent me the picture above... it was via snapchat and it said "fit in all in one car they said" because that seriously defines how both of our packing situations. 

Things Not To Do: 

1) Do not wait to start moving things home... I had such a hard time with this. I felt like everything in my room (like my movie collection) or my book case was needed until the very last day I moved out.

2) Declutter while your packing up... I decided to just declutter at home instead and man am I regretting this decision. Seriously though I've been going through boxes just throwing out useless stuff and it has been awful.

3) Never underestimate how much stuff you have... "it will all fit in my trunk"... which is a total lie because it doesn't and then you find yourself sitting up in the front seat with your bedding and wondering how you didn't plan better.

Things To Do: 
1) Pack in advance... its okay, to start packing a few days ahead of time especially if you're moving out. You can also start taking things home or sending them home.

2) If there are items in your closet that you haven't worn in awhile donate them instead of just holding on to them or throwing them out. 

So, the next picture has nothing to do with moving out... but, on the day I was moving out J came over and brought us breakfast. He then helped me move everything into my car which, was a gift in it of itself. And then gave me the cutest flower. The flower now sits on my night stand and when I woke up this morning it was such a simple reminder about how amazing he is.


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