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Friday, May 16, 2014

adventure is out there...

In 15 days, I'll be boarding a plane for a trip of a lifetime. For a month I'll be living, studying, and exploring Austria. As an RA I never thought I would get the opportunity to study abroad. I thought it just wasn't an option... until I heard about the summer program. So, I'll be joining a bunch of my fellow college students on a trip of a lifetime.

But, first I wanted to share with y'all some details of the trip:

i'll be living in Salzburg
i'll be traveling to Bolsano, Italy and Vienna, Austria
i'll be visiting as many cathedrals as I can
i'll be singing the Sound of Music like that annoying tourist
i'll be eating as many pretzels as I can ingest
i'll be drinking at beer gardens
i'll be walking everywhere
i'll be testing my fear of heights on the alps
i'll be learning how to sleep on buses, plains, and trains
i'll be studying Mozart and the Enlightenment
i'll be attempting to speak German to the best of my ability
i'll be missing my friends, family, and J back at home
i'll be taking thousands of photos
i'll be updating you all (hopefully) on my travels
i'll be thanking God for his beautiful creation and
    my parents for letting me go on this adventure.

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  1. I love this!!! I am SO EXCITED for you!!! Make sure you take tons of photos to share when you get back!


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