Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 4/5/14

Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend Recap 4/5/14

This is the last weekend recap that I will post as a junior in college... so crazy! Anyways, even though this week is finals week and even though my finals are going to be hard... I still managed to have an amazing weekend; full of good memories, friends, and studying. 

Friday: I went on a little flower picking, frosty drinking, program shopping adventure with my good friend, James! We put the windows down and turned on 21 Pilots and just drove around town. James and I both work in Residence Life and we got really close this year! We won't be on the same staff next year... I'm moving to a Freshmen community but, we will both be RCLs (Residential Community Leaders). So, even though we won't live in the same building I'm glad we will still be working together a lot. 

On Friday night I drove to J's house for some wiffle ball! I didn't play... partly because I'm kind of uncoordinated and partly because I didn't want to make a fool out of myself in front of J. But, I think the next time we get a game together I'll suck it up and probably strike out every time. Thankfully, at some of the Best Buds events I've been able to practice a little!
 After a good game of wiffle ball, I drove back to school to complete my last set of rounds in the residence hall I live in. It was bittersweet but, I'm not gonna miss walking 3 miles around the huge building while on duty. Before, I started rounds though I wanted to take a picture of one of my favorite window views on campus. This window is on the 4th floor and it is literally the length of me! The view is breathe taking though. I love being able to see the steeples in town and the sky is just so lovely.
Saturday: I spent the morning studying for finals. Then, I went to a Best Buds event where I learned some sign language. I now know how to spell the alphabet and sign words like: cat, dog, fish, duck, help, please, bathroom, yes, no, I love you, boy, girl, drink, and home. I think I learned more but, those are all the ones I can remember at this moment. It was a really cool moment to be taught sign language by one of the buddies who only communicates via sign language. I guess it is just one of those moments where I learn way more from them, than they learn from me. 

I'm taking Sign Language in the fall and one of my goals is to become fluent. I love working with students with disabilities, so if I could develop more ways to communicate with them that would literally make my day.

Saturday night, J and I went out to dinner with my parents! We met at Bonefish and nommed on bang bang shrimp and tuna sashimi. J has never really used chopsticks or had any version of sushi so, it was really exciting having him try it out. I'm a big sushi eater so, I am thankful he is at least willing to try new things... even if they are out of his comfort zone. But, if he doesn't like sushi it won't be the end of the world. 

Sunday: I met up with J's family for the Apple Blossom Festival. His sister was running for Apple Blossom Queen so, we went to all of those activities and walked around the fair. His family was telling me about the harvest festival in October so, I marked my calendar for that. I love going to fairs and festivals.
They had some live music and it was such a relaxing afternoon. His sister ended up placing and was crowned one of the princesses! I'm so very proud of her and it was the perfect day. After the crowning ceremony, J's dad and I drove to meet up with/ surprise J and his brother at their baseball game. They couldn't go to their sister's contest, so I guess I was kind of like J's representative. Anyways, J's team won both of the games they played and it was just the perfect day all around. J even got a hit, got on base, and scored a run (hopefully I used the right terminology)-- so, glad I'm not a bad luck charm!

Sunday night was spent studying my life away for finals and getting things prepared for this week. It wasn't a bad night and I love when I get in the zone. I was so in the zone that when I looked at my watch at 12:23am I realized I missed the first 23 minutes of my best friend, Alex's 21st birthday. Needless to say I called her and apologized. She said it was okay because she is glad I was focusing on statistics... she is a math major so I guess that is kind of like a gift!

Anyways, Happy 21st Birthday Alex! I have loved all of the crazy adventures we have gone on, all of the meals we have cooked, trying out different churches, and going on hikes together. I'm so blessed to have you in my life and I'm so excited that we can now go to college night together! You're a true blessing and I love that whenever we go anywhere people always say "and the Alex's are here." 

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  1. Those flowers are gorgeous!! You're going to be a big, bad senior so soon!! :)


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