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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why Hello There

So, I'm currently writing this post in my robe... yeah, I know kind of scandalous. Anyways, I just got back from the beach and visiting my darling boyfriend for his birthday and I realized that I have pretty much abandoned you guys.

Naturally, post- shower I decided hey why not procrastinate and check blogger and now, I'm procrastinating even further by writing a blog post! Anyways, I am back to recap the days I spent at the beach soaking up the sun, going out, and spending time with some of my High School friends.

four girls, one car, no problem. When we went out to load up my car, my friend Petra said "she hoped I had a very large and deceiving trunk." 
This week's drink was: Malibu Bay Breezes 

 Free firework show from Seacrets... don't mind if we do!
First night club experience... and man were we surrounded by some crazy people! But, the band was awesome and it rained like confetti so how can I possibly not have a good time. 
First time all 5 of us got drinks at Happy Hour. I had Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy. It wasn't my favorite beer... I think I'm definitely a Samuel Adams Summer Ale type of gal but, I did get to practice my german with that name. 
A little unknown secret about me is that I could literally live off of piña coladas and not be mad so, there was no way I was going to come back from the beach without consuming a piña colada at least once... or three times ;)
and I also couldn't go to the beach without seeing a beautiful bayside sunset a few times!! There is nothing like a sunset that reminds you how beautiful His handy work is.
 Thanks girls for a fabulous beach trip! I can't wait for next year. Y'all are truly the best and I'm beyond thankful that we still can get together just like we used to in High School. 

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  1. What an honor to be quoted! Am I famous now? :)


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