Radiating Sunshine: Weekend Recap 5/13/14

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weekend Recap 5/13/14

This has been the greatest last weekend at school. It still doesn't even feel real knowing that tonight is my last night in my res hall room. It is unreal that I'm now officially a senior in college. Like, where did the time go!? Anyways, here is how I spent my last weekend at college: 

Wednesday: Yeah, I know it isn't the weekend but, Wednesday night I went to the local bar with my favorite girlie to celebrate her 21st birthday! It was so much fun and even though this summer we will be on totally different contents I know we will still remain close!
Friday: After closing down one of the residence halls for Summer, J and I drove home to see my beautiful sister off to prom! She looked beautiful... like absolutely stunning. After taking pictures with her, we went to my old High School and I showed him around. I've seen his High School numerous times so it was really special having him see mine. For dinner we went to a delicious restaurant called Founding Farmers. For once, J didn't get a burger and got fried chicken instead. The restaurant makes everything they have in house and the food was so fresh.

After dinner, J and I spent our last night before summer vacation; just talking and watching youtube videos. We only live about an hour and a half away but, between that and the fact that I'll be gone for a month and a half while studying abroad; I know I'm gonna be missing him so much this semester.

Saturday: Was an awesome res life day. Since almost all the residents had left, me and a few RA friends just spend the whole day together. We had a delicious lunch at Wegmans, drove up to High Rock, and just spent the day laughing and singing in the car. There is just something so wonderful about driving with the windows down and blasting good music.

Saturday night, I went out to dinner with all of the RAs. It is a tradition for us to go to Friendly's and then go something after. Well, due to bad weather we ended up going to see a movie. I saw The Other Woman and it so funny. It was actually less raunchy (is that even a grammatically correct adjective?) and more focused on fortifying a friendship.

So, this will probably be my last weekend recap till the Fall semester begins! But, I promise I will still be blogging as regularly as I can.

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