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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ready for the Next Batch

I got the minion bunting idea from
Despicable Me 2! It came out pretty
well, so I think I may save it and use it
for a bulletin board in the future :)
Its Move In Day here at Duke TIP's TAMU site! I can't wait to meet the next group of kids, particularly my next set of lovely ladies and or possible lovely minions ;)! This term I'm lucky enough to get a little bit of a new experience... I'll be working with 4th Year Girls, which is totally awesome and exciting! For a tipster, you can only come to TIP for 4 years so the final year is known to be the best *saddest* year, especially since you get privileges!

The 4th Year Girls will offer a new and wide set of benefits and challenges! I have already met a few of my girls and they all seem so sweet! Now, all I really need to work on is learning all the 4th Year Traditions and make sure I am always on my A-Game so that these Tipsters have the best experience!

I decided to continue with the Minion theme, I love the minions (already saw Despicable Me 2 and loved it)! And since I'm sticking with the same theme, I decided I would just re-do my bulletin board in addition to making more door decorations, to give a new look to my fellow staff members and the new Tipsters!

I can't believe that Move In Day is already here! These
next three weeks will fly by and I'll be back in Maryland
prepping to move back to the Mount! Crazy how this Summer
has just flown by.

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