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Monday, July 15, 2013

One Full Kind of Day

My girls get so many packages. I'm
so glad they are loved... and that they share
their treats :)
Thursday through Sunday is the longest day of the week. Yes, I know it is technically four days but, this week it felt like just one giant day of exhausted fun.

Whether it was the 4 of 5 hour 'naps' that I got a night or constant flow of work needing to be done... it was just a long day. However, even though my eyes have burned every morning I have put my contacts in and really late at night I get into giggle fits that I can not suppress, I have had the greatest time.

So, lets do a little bit of recapping for how this weekend went:

Thursday, I have transport duty which is an 8am-4pm shift... Usually transport duty doesn't go all day... but, this Thursday the other RC and I had one long to-do list!

We went everywhere from Hobby Lobby, to the Post Office, to Target. We got supplies for events and activities for the weekend and even made it back in time for our 3pm staff meeting.

Later Thursday night, the Scavenger Hunt committee got together and began preparing the packages for all the RCs to hold while on the hunt. It was A LOT of work... We didn't realize that by glueing all the clues on to the cards and stuffing all of them in the envelopes and then making sure they were all numbered correctly, would be such a process, but boy were we pleasantly surprised. Thankfully, we finished the last packet around 2am and we could finally call it a night.

On Friday, I started my day off with Breakfast Duty... Breakfast Duty is from 7:30am-9am and normally can be really boring, however I discovered that instead of just standing in place and watching the Tipsters go to breakfast, I can just walk back and forth on the path and get a good workout in. It can be a little tedious just walking back and forth, but it also helps me monitor all the tipsters which is great.

After, breakfast duty I did some committee work and took a cat nap. Then, had lunch with some tipsters. Went on a transport run and the rest was just one task after another after another.

We had a great time with Scavenger Hunt on Friday night. The kids loved the clues and the riddles! My girls and I actually ran the majority of the time from place to place, which was crazy. But, my girls all did a great job! The only activity that stumped them was the human knot!

After the Scavenger Hunt my night did not even come close to ending. I went on a transport run to get supplies for Saturday's activity, State Fair and ended up at Walmart for the second time that day and than at the ER with a tipster who had dehydration and a migraine! After, the tipster was discharged I came back to TAMU and then went on another transport run to WALMART with another RC to pick up some last minute things for his tipsters! I'm pretty sure the Walmart employees started recognizing me, especially since I was wearing my TIP ME tank!

Hello 4 hours of sleep and
5 dozen donuts!
After all transport runs were complete I started filling up water balloons with some staff members. It was a blast and we silently laughed pretty much the entire time! Then, we all did some final preparations and finally at 4am I got to go to sleep...

But, not for long! 8am came quickly when another RC, JP and I went on a mission for 5 dozen donuts. At State Fair there is an event were the Tipsters eat a donut off a string, so we had to go out early to secure a decent amount of donuts. I'm Glad we did because we cleared out the H.E.B of their donut supply! Sorry, to anyone who wanted some glazed donuts that day :(

State Fair was GREAT! Even though I was sleepy and supervised the water balloon toss station, which sounds awesome... totally isn't though (they all just wanted to cheat and take tickets, it was terrible) I still had a phenomenal time.

My girls even did really well and placed 4th in State Fair! I am so proud of them!! For their prize, they took a lucky guess on a Mystery Prize and ended up getting a Panda Express Feast which I'm not mad about... that means one night I won't have to eat cafeteria food, hip hip hurray.

After State Fair ended we all got ready for the dance! If your curious to why I have a "Twerk Free Zone" sign the tipster or really any kids their age think its attractive to twerk with and or on each other. Well, Duke TiP's policy says no inappropriate dancing and last term we had a really hard time policing it, so this term we decided to just nip it in the bud early! The kids all actually respected it and were really great at the dance! Definitely made my job a heck of a lot easier, because then I could just dance with the tipsters without necessarily having to be that chaperone that is constantly telling kids to watch their behavior!

Sunday morning couldn't have come soon enough. I got 6 hours of sleep, which was a new high for the past few days and got to go to church! Some RCs and I escorted 13 Tipsters to a service at Grace Bible Church! The message focused around communication and the good and bad ways to do it! The pastor discussed a lot about how to communicate with a friend or significant other and in doing so always strengthening your relationship with God. Its so easy with this job to forget to take the time to find grace in God and that service really helped me focus and set my priorities straight.

After church it was time for Roll Call prep and Roll Call! My girls got the song 
"Tainted Love" and it is still stuck in my head as I right this post for y'all. Sorry it is so 
long... there was just so much that happened this weekend that I though 
combining it all into one GIANT post would be better than forgetting things and (or) a
bunch of little posts! 

Stay dry College Station (Yes, its actually raining) 
and stay lovely readers :) 

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