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Thursday, June 30, 2016

What a Week

This has been my first full week back as a Residence Director, since I finished my field with Orientation. It has been a great week, but first please let me introduce the cutest little puppy to grace this blog world!
 My sister adopted this cute little puppy a few weeks back and I figured it was time that she take a selfie with her favorite aunt. Brooke's new puppy is a morkipoo and her name is Callie. She has definitely inspired my future puppy adoption (if I ever live at a university with a pet policy). Anyways, I got to hang out with this little princess over the weekend and I figured I would brighten your Thursday with a picture of this adorable little lady!

Anyways, this week has been very busy with classes and work. I started a new grad class, Group Counseling and we meet every day of the week for two hours. For the first half of the class, we cover content areas and during the second half we actually simulate a group process. I've been really enjoying the class and I'm excited to practice facilitating next week.

I've also been really busy with RA Training! During Orientation, I didn't really have any time to focus on the RAs returning. Well, now it is time to put that hat on! I've been organizing my office -- which, I'll hopefully be posting some ideas for next week, I've been meeting to plan sessions-- and a few of them are making incredible progress, and I've been contacting my RAs-- which, is definitely the most exciting part of the Summer and the academic year.

I am very grateful that I was able to get my first field done within the first three weeks of Summer. I counted my hours on Monday and I had over 250+ (direct-- i.e. with student) contact hours, which is absolutely incredible.

Anyways, that's been my life of late. Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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