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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Just Love Giveaway

Hi Lovelies! Hope your Tuesday is as beautiful as mine is! I'm currently in the thick of Orientation Leader training and these long days and even longer nights are really testing my positivity. But, whenever I'm craving some introvert time needed to re-charge, I just go home and take a few moments to myself. I am a full believer that my attitude can definitely impact someone's day. So, I put a lot of emphasis on making sure that if I'm going to impact someone's day, I do so in a positive manner. Well, that is exactly what this gorgeous print from Just Love Prints reminds me to do. 

Just Love Prints was created by a wonderful woman, Lindsay who is on a mission to share her Catholic faith through imagery, words, and art. Lindsay founded Just Love Prints in 2012 and her faith-filled masterpieces have provided her so many different opportunities! Her shop and blog are full of inspiring and faithful goodness and I would love love love it if you went over and visited her! 

Lindsay and I first connected a few months back when she was featured in Radiant Magazine, a magazine for young Catholic women. We then decided to partner up and share the mission of Just Love Prints and give you all a taste of her beautiful handiwork! 
I love having a piece from Lindsay's collection in my apartment! Her entire shop is full of gorgeous prints very similar to the ones you see in this post. Today, I'm giving away the Saint Pope John Paul II quote, 'Look to the Future with Confidence' on the blog! This handmade beauty will compliment any room in your home and will remind you to keep gratitude, enthusiasm, and confidence in your life.

It is amazing how God calls us to use the gifts He has given us and to share them with the world. Lindsay is using her gift to share beautiful messages with all of us (and anyone who enters my apartment haha). It is so inspiring to see someone take time out of their busy week to spread the message of God and reminds me that I should do the same. As a Christian who works in a secular (Public university) I often feel like I need to put my faith (and especially conversations about my faith) on the back burner.  But, Lindsay's message reminds me that despite different circumstances you can always find a creative outlook to devote to Him and to live in His goodness!

Enjoy this giveaway lovelies! I can't wait to send one lucky soul one of my favorite prints from Just Love Prints. All hope is not lost though... for my friends who aren't randomly chosen, Lindsay has so graciously provided a promo code for 10% off your order when you use SUNSHINE10. Offer is valid until August 30, 2016) So, hope on over to Just Love Prints and share this giveaway with all of your lovely friends :)

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