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Friday, June 24, 2016

First Field Done

It's Friday!! After three long and incredible weeks my first field (internship) in Graduate School is officially done! I'm feeling a mix of a motions. To start, I'm feeling grateful for the experience. I learned so much about myself and really grew from the experience. I'm also grateful that my life will kind of return to a more normal work day flow. For example, I won't be waking up every day at 5AM and working until 8PM-9PM! So, I'm feeling really blessed all around today! It is sad to see to see all of the OLs leave and normal RD life return. But, I am ready to get into summer and get back to prepping my building for August!

Today I wanted to share my favorite highlights of Orientation with you all! There were a ton of wonderful experiences, but these next few things were by far my favorite: 

(1) Meet Your Shipmates
When I was first hired on as an intern, Meet Your Shipmates (a 2 hour long session consisting mostly of team building and ice-breakers) did not appeal to me AT ALL! I was nervous about talking in front of 200 students every day and I just didn't think I was cut out for it. Well, after two weeks I can proudly say I am a master facilitator! I loved Meet Your Shipmates at the end of these past two weeks and I mastered how to facilitate it for our incoming students. 
My favorite moment during Meet Your Shipmates by far was the last game we played called Biggest Fan. Basically it is like adult rock-paper-scizzors and all of the students play each other. When you lose, you have to cheer on your fellow shipmate who won! It continues until it is down to two students and everyone is yelling and screaming. Never in my life have I seen so many people laughing, yelling, and smiling while playing rock-paper-scizzors and it was a joy to watch the students bond and share in that experience!

(2) Sunrises and Sunsets
I've always said that my goal in life is to watch the sun rise and set for an entire year. Well, I did it for three weeks straight and I'm not going to lie to you... I don't think I could do it for an entire year! But, watching the sun rise and set was by far a highlight of Orientation. My days might have been long, but they were full of energy and passion!
(3) The Orientation Leaders
We had 30 OLs and every single one of them will hold a special place in my heart! It was an absolute privilege getting to work with so many different student leaders from so many different backgrounds. They are all incredible people and are extremely dedicated. Within the first few days they all became instant friends and it was so nice watching them work as a team throughout these three weeks! I'm proud that I will have 30 more students to say hello to on campus this upcoming year!
I still can't believe Orientation is over. I wish I had played a role in my orientation as an undergrad, but I am really thankful that I got to play such a large leadership and advisor role as a grad. I'll definitely still volunteer my time for Orientation and hopefully my next internship is in the Career Center is just as successful as this one!

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