Radiating Sunshine: One Week Later

Monday, June 6, 2016

One Week Later

Woohoo! I'm back again to check in with y'all! Hope you had a beautiful weekend and you enjoy this first gorgeous week of June. I swear it feels like June is trying to be the prettiest and most humid month around. However, I've been loving the Summer showers and spontaneous rainbows! Today, I'll be recapping what I've been up to this past week as my life takes true form as I embark on my first field with New Student Orientation! 

 Over a week ago, Anette, Chris, and I went from being First Year RDs to SECOND YEARS! When did that happen! It feels like just yesterday we were all sitting outside getting to know each other. I'm really grateful to these amazing people and I can't wait to see where our journey takes us! Also on a side note I think orange crushes are going to become my summer signature drink of choice!
 I've managed to see this guy twice over the last week! Both times for spontaneous church and dinner dates! But, hey I am not complaining. It is going to get busy here in a little while and I'm going to miss being able to spend time with my fave guy!
 The New RDs arrived a week ago today and it has been one packed week full of late night talks, dancing, bonding, team builders, expectations, etc. We went on our three day retreat on Tuesday and really got to know each other. I also learned that I am an aggressive go-carter! Who knew? I literally love May retreat and I am sad thinking I only have one more May retreat left as an RD! I'll really have to soak up my time with these fabulous people!
When I'm not with Josh or the RDs I am most likely found making buttons for Orientation training. I'll do a big reveal of my button idea when I give this initiative a test run. But, I must say I could probably make them in my sleep (or at least with my eyes closed -- I tried, LOL).
So, that has been my life! Lots of love and lots of buttons! I'm getting really excited for this upcoming week and I hope you all have a gorgeous day. Stay tuned for a cute little giveaway tomorrow on this little blog of mine :)



  1. Awe, looks like a fun weekend! Is this going to be your last year as an RD?


    1. I'm a second year, so I'll be here for three years! I work full-time, and I go to classes part-time!


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