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Monday, June 13, 2016

Orientation: Week One

Over a week ago, I started my first internship for my grad program with First Year Student Orientation. It has been a crazy week of O-team training. But, I have learned so much and have really enjoyed all of the autonomy and opportunities this internship has come with! To start, we went on a camping retreat and we shared stores and grew together as a team! We have done countless team builders and have really gotten done so much! 
 Most of our days begin at 7AM and go until 11PM. During actual program, our days will start at 6AM and end at 6PM. So, training has gotten all of us used to the lack of sleep and long days! Anyways, my contribution to O-team training was creating an assessment and recognition program. After each department/office session all of the leaders will need to fill out an assessment. The assessment asks basic demographic info and to describe different services that they provide. After I "grade" the assessments, I will then administer different types of buttons that they can collect.

The program went off like a hitch! I'll probably write more about the details in the future... but man I am so happy that the OLs loves it!
 One of my favorite nights during O-team training was folder and parent tote stuffing. We set up several different stations and it was amazing seeing all of the OLs work like a well-oiled machine. I have never seen so many people committed to a task and so focused to accomplish their goal!
And to end the week long training, we took the OLs for an extensive team building day in the sun! It was literally so much fun. We did low and high ropes course and the day flew by. My shoulders aren't exactly thrilled with the lack of sunscreen, but life is good.

Wish me luck on my first day of program! I can't wait to meet students and families. I have never realized how important Orientation is to student retention and it brings me so much joy to play a role in all of this!

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