Radiating Sunshine: Twenty Three Thoughts & Wishes

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Twenty Three Thoughts & Wishes

 I can't believe I'm twenty-three! 22 was definitely a remarkable year... I graduated from college, got into graduate school, got my first job, moved into my first apartment, and supervised my first staff! I know a lot of my accomplishments are centered around work, but they are still major life milestones.

I have learned so much during my 22nd year of life and I'm feeling surprisingly old as a 23 year old! I know 23 is so so young in the grand scheme of things, but for my entire life I have set so many due dates for. I had due dates for when I wanted to be on my own, have my dream job, when I wanted to get married, buy a house, start a family, etc. From a young age, I had this whole life planned out before me and never gave myself the chance to let it unfold naturally. Gradually, as I have gotten older I realized that the most important things in my life are the things I have not planned! For example, I never expected to be a blogger, but here I am dedicating 5+ hours a week to blogging, consulting, researching, and reading other blogs. So, one of my resolutions for this golden year of mine is to stop living by a prescribed plan for life and just live.

Today, I'm going to share with you all 23 thoughts and wishes for my golden year:

1. I hope that I can accomplish remarkable things and leave my impact on the world during this golden year of my life.
2. Go on at least one adventure.
3. Take advantage of this beautiful world I am surrounded by.
4. Learn to say no {I have the Yes-Man Syndrome}
5. Quit complaining.
6. Get up off the couch.
7. Spend a day appreciating every single person in my life.
8. Eat as much sushi as I can.
9. Start wearing lipstick or something sophisticated
10. Call more often than text
11. Try a new series on Netflix that is out of my comfort zone
12. Re-decorate my apartment
13. Genuinely surprise someone
14. Visit my parents once a month
15. Clean up my email and junk mail
16. Write more letters
17. Volunteer at different organizations.
18. Improve my blogging skills and networks
19. Connect with an old friend.
20. Make a complicated dessert
21. Take more bubble baths
22. Read more books & complete a reading challenge
23. Enjoy every day life

Thank you all for the kind words and well wishes! Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday :)

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  1. Those are awesome goals! Happy Birthday by the way! If you want an idea for a complicated dessert I saw this on The Great British Baking show! Looks so good but complicated! Happy Birthday again! http://www.bakingobsession.com/2009/02/24/swedish-princess-cake/


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