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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happier You: February Review

A month dedicated to love... and what a beautiful month it was! I honestly can't believe February is over. I'm partly sad that this month went by so quickly and excited that the RD Selection process is slowly coming to an end. Anyways, here is how I spent a month dedicated to love. 


my whole self... this month I focused on loving myself. I worked on loving my flaws and being less self-critical. I committed to working out (despite the cold months) and eating healthier (hello salads in a  jar). Overall, I think I would give myself an B+ for the work that I put in to loving myself. 

write more letters... yes! And positive notes! I did a really good job this month with my letter writing. I think I sent two letters to family. Two to Josh. And wrote a bunch of little notes and kind thoughts to my co-workers. I also got to try out my calligraphy and really find my inner-style!

old-fashioned dating... this was kind of a cop out, since J and I celebrated our second anniversary during this month however, February was definitely centered around fun and creative dates! We went out to dinner, we did fun activities like bowling, and we even ate specialized donuts to celebrate us. I still struggle not seeing J every day and being okay with that! But, I'm definitely grateful for this man of mine and dating him is always magical. 
make time for family... this was probably one of the most important goals for me this month. And excitingly, I got to see my mom twice and my entire family got reunited in a spontaneous night home with pizza and funny conversations. I also got to see my Aunt Paula and cousin Brandon. So, I would definitely give myself an A for making the commitment to family. My next goal is to continue to call home and keep in touch with ALL relatives.

appreciate my co-workers... this month I decided to appreciate the heck out of my co-workers (fellow RDs). Honestly, now that more than half of them are job searching I've been thinking a lot about their impact on me. So, I set out to show appreciation. I baked muffins, I gave our tea-riffic valentines, and wrote thank you notes. I handed out Stress Relief, Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer and encouraged them all to do amazing things. I love my co-workers and am definitely thankful to share this RD experience with them all.
And I appreciate them for always sharing funny Student Affairs memes and jokes. Check out our main man, Astin who is hoping you all (especially college students) engage in their community and get involved. Cheers to student development theories!
Anyways, so that is what February looked like. All and all I think I did a great job. I'm going to keep implementing appreciating others into my weekly goals and hopefully I'll continue to love myself, my family, and pretty much have the best dating life ever with J.


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