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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hello Sunshine

Hey beauties...

It's been about two months since we last talked and I've thought about you all the time. When you prioritize your life, things always get put on the back burner and unfortunately that's what happened to this baby blog of mine.

To start, this is my second year of graduate school and it has not been as time forgiving as the first. My program requires me to do over 300 internship credit hours a semester during your field year. And adding an additional 20 hours a week to a 40+ work week and trying to find time to do homework, go to the gym, sleep, and have a personal life... you get the point!

I won't spend time painting you the picture of my chaotic and lovely life, but over the last two months I feel like I've kind of balanced it all out and can go back to this whole blogging thing. Over the next few weeks, I'll be throwing it back to everything I've missed sharing and hopefully I'll be able to catch y'all up on the current happenings behind radiating sunshine.

I'm grateful for you all and I hope your Saturday is as gorgeous as mine :)


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