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Monday, October 24, 2016

Intro: 20 Things That I Love

 I realize that there are a quite a number of new peeps hanging around Radiating Sunshine recently (according to my stats anyway). So, I thought I would introduce myself to anyone who is new around here with a twenty things I love post! Please, note that they are not listed in any order of importance. Chocolate milk is listed as number one, however I wouldn't say it is number one in my heart at all times (mostly after the gym and or late night duty calls), but it its still on the top list of things that I love.
1. chocolate milk
2. Elin Hilderbrand books
3. Jesus
4. soft blankets
5. candles. lots of candles. 
6. babies and family
7. my llbean slippers
8. sleeping in on the weekends
9. mint soda water
10. crafts (i.e. painting)
11. the staffs I supervise
12. spending time with my favorite J
13. cheese and wine (red please)
14. binge watching netflix
15. baking donuts
16. when the sun lights up my entire apartment
17. holiday traditions
18. a good card game
19. a good cup of coffee/tea
20. anything navy blue
I'm big into journaling things that I'm grateful for and can't wait to share with you all my happiness journal in a few weeks, so I challenge you all to write posts about the things you love!

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