Radiating Sunshine: Kissing Summer Goodbye

Friday, August 19, 2016

Kissing Summer Goodbye

I cannot believe that Summer is over! I know for most individuals, summer ends after Labor Day. But, when you work in Housing and Residence Life at a university (and or in Admissions like Josh) Summer ends with Opening Season. The last few weeks of August are marked by opening prep. I remember as a kid when summer ends there is a period of mourning. Well, when you work at a university there is absolutely no time to mourn. During RA Training I usually work 15 hour days every day of the week (weekends too). You're running around prepping and getting things done to re-open for the year. 
Summer is a refreshing time to rejuvenate before the craziness of the semester begins! It is kind of bittersweet when summer ends, but boy oh boy am I excited for this year to begin! Josh and I will continue to work at different universities. It is weird now that we are both officially in Student Affairs (I work in Res Life and he works in Admissions) but, I am enjoying it so so much! Its nice to talk to someone at the end of the day who gets it (or at least parts of the Res Life craziness).

I'm really looking forward to Fall. We're already making plans on how to spend the weekends when he isn't traveling for Admissions and I'm not on duty. We have another wedding to go to and will hopefully continue our holiday traditions.
Although my summer is basically over! I hope you all enjoy your last few days of summer sunshine!

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