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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

TBT: Tents, Trails, and J

To start the throwback posts, J and I went camping a few weeks back! If you hang around at @alexmhons on Insta then you would have seen pictures from our crazy adventure! We decided to go hike a chunk of the Appalachian Trail and go through coupes boot-camp (aka turn off all social media and just spend time in the wild with your boo). 
 Well good news is we both passed the couples boot camp weekend with excellent marks. The only point of contention on the trip was arriving to our site in complete darkness. We then pitched a tent that neither of us has a lot of experience pitching and were surrounded by a local college's fraternity rush weekend.

The fraternity was only there for Friday night and literally left at 6AM on Saturday morning. Waking up to pots being banged as they roused the frat boys definitely was not a highlight of the trip, but made us laugh for sure!
While on our couple's boot camp, we challenged ourselves to cook without propane. We lit and maintained the fire and made all of our meals over that. It was nice getting back to some primal cooking skills and to test our cooking abilities in the wild.
 After a slow start to Saturday morning, we finally got a move on and started adventuring. We hiked a trail called Charcoal's Hearth and stumbled upon so many beautiful sites. We also posed with the above creek and the self-timer app on my phone for about 20 minutes until we got a picture I was satisfied with!
The highlight of the weekend trip was teaching Josh out to play cribbage and eating mountain pies (in Alex language: moon pies). We played so many board games and just enjoyed being together that I think every couple should go on a camping trip by themselves at least once in their dating years.

We also enjoyed this little quiz that I think you will enjoy with your significant others! J came up with the game and I was super excited to play!

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