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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

TBT: Calligraphy & Weddings

Last month, one of my lifelong friends got married at Camden Yards (where the Orioles play) and my number one bridesmaid duty was the signs! When we got down to Baltimore the day before the wedding, we all got assignments on what we could do to prep. My assignment was to write on all of the signs. 

I absolutely love fonts and I'm very privileged to have the ability to create different fonts for different occasions. I loved contributing one of my skills to the wedding! I still have so much to learn in the grand scheme of calligraphy and signage, but today I wanted to feature some of the highlights of the wedding and the wedding signage!
 I made a number of signs for their wedding which include: the ceremony introduction, their hashtag, the caricatures, bathroom signs, bar signs, signature drink signs, favor signs, etc.
Seeing as Amanda and DJ got married at a baseball park, caricatures were a definite must! They had a caricature artist come to the reception and it was such an adorable station. Naturally, J and I completely forgot to get one done (too busy dancing), but everyone who did had a beautiful souvenir from the wedding. 
 This might have been my favorite sign from the wedding: the signature drink sign! With an Orioles/ Baltimore themed wedding orange crushes were a definite and easy choice for their signature drink. I kid you not crab cakes and orange crushes make this bridesmaid (and all of the other guests) happy.
Their wedding favors were by far the cutest things I have ever seen! During a wedding prep weekend, all the bridesmaids put stickers on top of cracker jack boxes (that looked like the cracker jack labels, however they had Amanda and DJ's information on them). We then stuffed the boxes into blue orioles beer koozies. The favor was so perfect, I still haven't been able to eat mine!
It was the perfect Baltimore and Orioles wedding. Actually, it was the perfect weekend in general. Looking back on this semester so far, I would definitely re-live this one!

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