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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween Lovelies

Happy Halloween Lovelies! I hope today is wonderful and you get plenty of yummy treats (and not many tricks). I'm a terrible halloween celebrator. I really struggle with being creative with costumes and what ends up happening is I go as a "grad student" and I call it a day. Maybe one day I'll be more invested in Halloween, but for now I'm just gonna enjoy quiet Hallo-weekends with Josh! 

This past hallo-weekend we spent checking off all of our fall bucket list items (especially since Christmas is practice here -- JK). We went to a corn maze/pumpkin patch in PA. The corn maze was amazing and took us about an hour a a half to complete. While walking through the corn maze we had to find different words and pictures that completed the story. 
After the corn maze, J and I enjoyed pumpkin bowling and found our real competitive natures with pumpkin checkers. I kid you not people were commenting as they walked by about how deep in thought we were over this game of checkers! I think we have officially determined that J is competitive with sports and I am competitive with board games. 
After we finished at the corn maze, we drove home and went to the Homecoming football game. Ship lost in double overtime, which was really sad. However, it was a great afternoon! Once we got home from the game, we ate some kettle corn and I took a little nap. Not sure why football puts me into a sleep trance, but it does!

After my nap and an episode of the Flash, J and I drove down to MD for a date night out! We went to Primate Bros (which originated in Pittsburgh, PA). I got the pittsburger and it was delicious (and half the size of my face). On our way home from dinner, we sang to a bunch of music and drove with the windows down. It was an unseasonably warm weekend here and it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Late on Saturday night, J and I picked up a pumpkin from Walmart-- no cute pumpkin picking pictures here! We usually carve one a year (I traditionally don't do any of the carving). On Sunday, after church, brunch, and a near grease fire (tried making apple fritters-- didn't work out), we made an apple cake (post apple fritters) and I got to enjoy watching Josh carve a wonderful pumpkin.
I'm glad he decided to go for a more traditional approach and I can't wait to light this guy up tomorrow to celebrate Halloween.

Anyways, happy halloween friends!!

love you all!

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