Radiating Sunshine: Strawberry.Lemon.Infused.Water

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Over the Summer, I sort of became obsessed with infused water! I was home visiting my mom (who is a genius when it comes to using mason jars) and she had a jar of lemon and strawberry infused water just waiting for someone to enjoy in the fridge. I'll never forget cracking the seal and smelling the water. It smelled so so good and I feel like that was the moment I fell in love with infused water. 

For the remainder of the summer, my fridge became home to a ton of different "experiments." I tried a ton of different flavors: lemon/mint, cucumber/lemon, strawberry/melon! I think my favorite infused water definitely is the strawberry lemon (with a mint leaf or two). 

There are a ton of benefits to drinking infused water: 

(1) It brightens your life! Goodbye every day water, and hello to a party water!
(2) Some folks say it helps you lose weight... I think it helps curb your appetite because it feels like your "eating" and or "putting something nutritious in your body. Check out this blog post that says Infused Water is the Ultimate Weight Loss Secret!
(3) There are web pages completed dedicated to the art of infused water, like this one! So, if you're looking for an online community of infused water drinkers there is one!

So, basically getting on the infused water band wagon is the thing to do! I love using my mason jars to make the infused water and keep them fresh. They typically last 4-5 days so you can stalk up and treat yourself every day!


  1. Sounds delicious! I haven't tried it but I've seen people combining different things. I've always been a fan of lemon in my water.

    1. You def should try it! It's one of my favorite treats :)


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