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Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Confessions

Happy Friday Friends!! Today, I am writing from the comfort of my parents' home and it feels ah-ma-zinggg! I have missed this place so much and it's astonishing how even when I'm gone for so long it still feels like home. I'm going to spend my day at home relaxing, catching up on work, and writing my five weekly confessions!

I confess... besides missing my home home. I also miss my friends from my undergrad. Recently, I have been reflecting on everything I did last Fall and I truly miss walking to my friend Matt's apartment, meeting up with this crazy clan of RAs and friends, and hanging out. Our next set of plans is to see everyone at Kevin's wedding and I am practically counting down the days for that!
I confess... I love coloring! This past week my staff and I participated in #whaleforacause by Vineyard Vines! Every picture someone puts up by today, Vineyard Vines will donate a healthy meal to a child in need. So, not only are we helping others, but old fashioned coloring is therapeutic for our souls. I really enjoyed seeing just how different everyone's whales were and we talked about the inspiration behind color choice and pattern.

I confess... We are two days in to Fall and it's wonderful! I've talked about this numerous times, but I love Fall. I also love not having a cold and or allergies. So, hopefully my sinuses will get used to everything outside so I can go back to singing in church and taking long walks!
I confess... while at home I soaked up all the kisses from my parents' little fur babies. My parents have three rambunctious pups who are everything, but well behaved. They climb on you, they kiss you, they prance around you and nearly trip you. They sleep on the couch and lick your face until your "clean." And although I really want a smaller dog that doesn't jump up on me when I'm older, I love hanging with these cuties.
Let me introduce, Evie my snuggle puppy!
I confess... tomorrow I am selling items at Josh's parents' yard sale and I'm really excited, but also really nervous. What happens if no one comes or no one buys anything. What happens if I struggle parting from things or people offer me low prices. Hopefully, I will be able to let things go and I won't buy anything new to take home. But, we will see how I do! Since I have moved a ton of times over these last few months, I've realized I really need to let go and donate/sell things!

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