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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

1st Year of RD Life: Apartment

As some of you know, I moved this past August! It is crazy to think that it took me over a month to write this post, but August for a Res Life professional is crazy! So, now that life has calmed down and I finally have a night to sit on my couch and work on some personal stuff. It felt amazing leaving the office around 5:30PM tonight and being able to just have a quiet night. So, on my quiet night I decided to write a reveal post of my new home! 
The Bedroom

I have a four room apartment (bedroom, living/office space, kitchen/dining room, and bathroom). The apartment isn't huge, but has so much charm. It was designed back in the late 60s, so it definitely has a vintage feel with a lot of random furniture pieces. When I first moved in I was worried I wouldn't have enough space, but now that I'm officially unpacked, I feel like this apartment is huge!
I love the quilt I purchased from TJ Maxx for my bedroom. I feel like it just really brightens up the room. My goal wasn't too spend a lot of money on this apartment since I'm only living here for about 9 months. I'm really glad that I got the opportunity to reuse a lot of my old stuff! I'm also grateful that my mom lent me a lot of household items and or gave me some of her old stuff to use! My apartment definitely had a homier feel now that she has given me some essentials.
Little sneak peak at my closet and dresser!
The Office

Setting up an office is really important to me. Every time I move into a new apartment (the whole two times) I move the desk out into the living room. Some of my RD friends have asked me why and honestly it's because I don't want to do "work" whether its office or school work in my bedroom. So, I really enjoy setting up an office space in my living rom. I'm glad this apartment has a little space where I could set this up! 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is probably my favorite space. Although it is a little outdated and doesn't have much storage, I have managed to do a lot with this space! I really am missing the cabinet storage I had in the apartment over the summer, but you really can't pass up this kitchen table! Josh and I spend so much time sitting at it when he comes to visit. It's perfect for a friendly dinner and I'm probably going to miss this table the most when I move to a newer apartment. I made a little pantry out of a bookshelf I found in the living room, which has been very handy! I still don't know how I like having all of the food piled up in there, but until I can come up with a way to make it look less cluttered it will have to do for now.
Here is the view from the kitchen table at the rest of the apartment. 
The Bathroom

The bathroom is pretty nice! I have a really big bathtub and nice mirror storage. I'm still working on decorating the bathroom, so for now I just have quotes on the walls. I am hoping to make a cloth covering for the poles/plumbing underneath the sink. I keep all of my cleaning stuff underneath the sink, so hopefully I can sew small curtains to cover that. I'm also hoping to do seasonal decorations in the bathroom of some sort!

The Living Room

And to end the tour we will finish with the living room/ entry! The living room is still a work in progress! I'm in the process of ordering new curtains that will liven up the apartment, which is really exciting! I'll do a big curtain reveal once I finalize the colors and get the measurements done. I love the sofa and the recliner. It is perfect for entertaining and the recliner is so comfortable. I have a nice tv stand that came with the apartment. A previous RD painted it blue and a lot of the blue paint has scraped off, so I'm working on deciding to either scrape it all off or leave it the way it is! I just purchased the tv from Walmart, so it's exciting having a tv that I can actually watch things on! My old tv is in my bedroom and is currently out of commission since it does not have a QAM Adapter.
And that's my apartment! I have really enjoyed building a home here and am really proud to call this place my own. I'm excited to start decorating for every season and am really looking to experiencing Fall, Winter, and Spring in this place! Cheers to being officially moved in and to all the memories that will come in this new home. 

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  1. So cute!! I love the bedspread and the shower curtain! What a great space for yourself :)


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