Radiating Sunshine: Let's Be Thankful Swap Reveal

Monday, December 1, 2014

Let's Be Thankful Swap Reveal

Happy Holidays friends! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was beautiful! I'll be recapping what I did for the holidays later this week but, before I do I wanted to post about the Let's Be Thankful Swap that my blog friend, Meg and I hosted!

We came up with the idea a little over a month and a half ago and I really enjoyed partnering with her! Anyways, for the swap I got matched up with Kelcie who blogs over at Hammers and Hot Plates! It was a pleasure getting to know Kelcie and hearing about all of her favorite holiday traditions and learning the ins and the outs about remodeling their house. You should definitely visit her blog, if you haven't already done so!

Anyways, so what did Kelcie send me! Well she hit the nail on the head, because she got me seriously the cutest holiday must have gifts. She spoiled me to no end and I really couldn't be more blessed and grateful. I still have to drive back to school, so unfortunately I haven't been able to really enjoy the gifts yet but, so far I have just been marveling over the cute plates, the adorable A mug, warm gloves, and Christmas gadgets. Kelcie, also took the time to put my favorite bible verse on book paper. I can't wait to buy a cute frame and display my favorite verse on my wall at school. It was the perfect way to start of the holiday season and I am so happy I got to get to know Kelcie over these past few weeks.


  1. Isn't Kelcie the best?! I love everything she sent you, especially that Bible verse and those little trays! I haven't even heard of pumpkin spice hot cocoa, that looks amazing, too! Happy December!

    1. Thanks Meg!! Loved what you got too in your blog swap. And those trays are literally the cutest. Can't wait to have them in my future office or apartment.


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