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Monday, November 17, 2014

Life Lately

So, like usual I have been loving life recently! I have just been able to do so many incredible things and I can't help but, feel beyond blessed. My classes are going well. I am slowly planning out my future. I have been taking care of my health and have been really active. And beyond all else I have just felt this immense joy for life and I am just so thankful for everything I have. 

So, what have I been doing?

Dating my boyfriend! I feel like sometimes couples just get into this "hanging out" stage of relationships where it is cheaper and more convenient to just hang out in their room and watch movies. Well, not Josh and I! We have gone dancing, to a play, out to dinner, etc! Last week, Josh picked me up and we went to a local pub and had burgers and my absolute favorite side: french fries with gravy! It was so nice sharing something that I have loved since I was little with him and just a disclaimer: if you have never had french fries with gravy then, please go get some now!

We've also did a 5k two weekends ago! It was a fundraiser for my university's Relay for Life and we had a blast. We didn't run together which, was totally okay by me! But, we both know how long it takes for us to run a 5k and now we can train and see where we can improve. 

This past Friday I went to a conference in Baltimore! The conference was for student affairs professionals and those interested in pursuing a career in Higher Education. I got the special privilege of being on the planning committee so, I got a lot of really good experience and got to connect with maybe some future co-workers!

Had to send this to Josh... but, quick outfit post: I'm actually wearing a black dress and my
MCPA Polo over top! 
And this past Saturday morning, 5am approached earl but, for an excellent reason! I drove down to Baltimore with some of my RA friends and we ran out The Color Run! Just saying, but they should change that to The Color Walk because we probably ran an additional mile by just weaving through all of the walkers. It was a great time and one thing I learned is that smiling while running through the paint dust is not the best thing to do *mouth full of dust*!

So, that is just a little recap of where I have been lately. Life as always has been grand and I feel so blessed for all of the cool opportunities I have gotten to do! What have you been up too?


  1. Sounds like it's been such an eventful week for you! The Colour Run looks so much like Holi, it's unreal haha. I'm glad you've had a wonderful week, and that life has been pretty awesome for you ^_^

  2. Ayyeee the color run look SO FUN!


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