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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent Goals

I know I'm a few days late, but ADVENT is officially here and I couldn't be more excited to prepare for the coming of our Savior and to get ready for the holiday season. I absolutely love the holidays and Christmas has always held a special place in my heart. So, this year to get myself in the right state of mind I am trying really hard to prepare my soul for the holiday. This is something I feel like I have always slacked off on. Anyways, to get ready for baby Jesus to arrive on December 25th, I hope to complete and stay accountable on the following things!

Spending On Others, Not Myself
I know it is the holiday season, but recently I feel like I keep making excuses to buy myself something. Whether there was a special sale on clothes at my favorite store or a new hair products. Anyways, I have just become totally invested in Christmas shopping and giving myself little Christmas gifts. Well, no longer! Instead I want to spend on others. Whether that is in the collection basket at church or on my secret santa.

However, spending on others doesn't stop just at money. I also want to spend more time on others, which for me is actually (to me, anyways) way more meaningful. I want to give back to others this holiday season. I want people to know how important they are to me.

Praying More 
I am a big night time prayer person, but how about the morning! I'm really trying hard to wake up giving God the praise and worship he deserves. So, whether I sing my Christian music in the morning or start my day praying an Our Father, I want to work hard in this area of my life for advent and hopefully develop this as a habit which, I can continue in the future.

Reading My Advent Devotional 
Josh and I got advent devotionals and reflections from church last week and we have been reading it together every night which, I have loved. We also pick out key words or phrases that speak to us and it is interesting because when I read it something speaks to me and then I also try to pick out what spoke to him and so far I have been right. It is a wonderful feeling being able to pray with him and have the opportunity to get to know him on a personal level through God.

Less Complaining
I have been bogged down with papers and assignments. I feel like most of the time I have just been complaining about all of the papers and things I have to do. So, I'm hoping to complain less and just be so grateful for everything in my life. When people ask how I am, I don't want to respond with "oh I'm tired or I'm overwhelmed" Instead I want to have more positive outlook on life (which, includes the hard parts).

Being Active
I have been so tempted to just lay around my dorm room, sip hot chocolate, and watch holiday movies. Although, this is a nice way to get ready for the Christmas season I really want to avoid my inner couch potato and get outside. I want to take walks and play games. It is so easy to become sluggish and not live up to your full potential when the weather starts to get cold and I want to avoid that. 


  1. Alex this is great! I am about to post something very similar that Liv and I are doing! We'll have to chat about how we are holding ourselves accountable so we can swap techniques! ~Kay

    1. Thanks Kay! I definitely want to get into the right spirit!


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