Radiating Sunshine: Holiday Weekend Recap 12/15/14

Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Weekend Recap 12/15/14

This truly was the perfect holiday weekend! Whether it was time spent studying in my snowflake jammies with Mr. Snowman or it was writing my Christmas cards... this weekend just officially put me in the holiday spirit. 
A few months ago I discovered my addiction to Walmart's Lofthouse sugar cookies. If you have never had them and are a "homemade only" cookie snob, I would strongly recommend you try these delightful cookies. They melt in your mouth and suddenly you've eaten five of them and you don't know how that happened.

Wednesday night, I went to Otts to celebrate the holiday season and last week of classes with a bunch of friends. Alex and I were completely decked out for the holidays. It was a great last college night of the semester and I can't wait to go back in the New Year. 
After a wonderful last day of classes, Josh and I went caroling with Campus Ministry. We sang all of the best Christmas carols and walked around a little neighborhood spreading Christmas cheer (by "singing loud for all to hear"). One of my favorite Christmas carols is "O Come All Ye Faithful" and we really just enjoyed a fun date night out. After caroling and our feet were officially numb, we headed over to a local school where we had some hot chocolate and sweets. There I consumed several of the cookies pictured above and we got to talk to a bunch of different people.

I wrote Christmas cards all afternoon to friends and family and then I met Josh at church and we went back to his house for pizza and Christmas tree activities. His dad had me try this famous Christmas drink! Squirt + cranberry cherry juice = the perfect refreshing holiday drink! Squirt is only sold during this time of year so, I would strongly recommend you purchase it immediately and make this holiday concoction.

 Josh and his family get a Christmas tree every year and I haven't smelled a fresh one like that in years. We had an absolutely blast setting up the tree "its straight now" and then decorating it. I helped Josh put the lights on the tree so, naturally we had to take a cheesy Christmas lights photo.
I had to leave half way through Christmas tree decorating to attend a Secret Santa party that I was participating in. My secret santa gave me two mugs and two different types of hot chocolate. After the party, I went back to Josh's and made some of the  hot chocolate. It was literally picture perfect. Sitting in front of a decorated tree, smelling the fresh pine, listening to Christmas music, and sipping on some warm hot chocolate. I wouldn't have traded those moments for the world.
Was spent sleeping in and snuggling with their dog, Mandy! Mandy is the cutest little pup and is also a little heat pad. So, we were making each other happy by providing warmth and love. Once, I finally decided to get up and be productive with my day I showered, blogged, did professor evaluations, and watched football with my man.
I have loved all of the holiday activities that Josh and I have done! It is so much fun talking about the traditions they do and the traditions my family does. I'm so thankful to be surrounded by so much family, even when I'm not home. I can't wait for finals to be over and when I can officially get in that Christmas mode.


  1. What a nice weekend!!! That holiday drink sounds delicious and I just LOVE those Wal Mart cookies, too!

    1. Meg, if you can find Squirt down there you need to make it! And yes, I could go for one right now.


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