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Friday, December 5, 2014

Deck The Halls: Holiday RA Life

One of my RAs decorated this stocking for the office!
Being an RA during the holiday season is seriously amazing. It is one of the most exciting time periods of the academic year. We get to decorate the halls (or wallz as my staff likes to say), create holiday themed bulletin boards, have Christmas parties. I feel like there are so many holiday ideas out there for RAs to do and not enough time during the season to get it all done!

If you're familiar with Pinterest, then you obviously are aware of all of the amazing ideas out there in terms of Christmas crafts. I've had the privilege to be an RA for the past three years, so thankfully I've gotten to go through the list of creative holiday things to do and do some of them with my residents.
My holiday bulletin board went up a few weeks ago!
My floor is officially decked out with holiday decor! I have a Thankful Tree up which, I'll probably leave up all year round. I have a christmas ornament door decorations surrounding my door. The bulletin board is even ready for Christmas. The only thing I have left to do, is stocking decorating and making a little fireplace on the floor out of bulletin board paper. 

Christmas Programs and Door Decorations
I am doing a Christmas Party with my girls on Sunday. We're going to decorate stockings and talk about how our semesters are going. I'm also hoping to make snowflakes with them and decorate the walls. I love doing crafts that I know can stay up all semester so, I'm really looking forward to the crafts we'll be doing. Another RA and I are going to pair up and hopefully this will be one of the best Christmas programs that they ever get to go to!

Door Decorations this month: Little Christmas trees!

My Christmas event planning doesn't stop with my residents. I am the co-chair for the Celebrations Committee, which is an organization dedicated to making the RAs feel appreciated. So, I get to organize fun events that will get all of the RAs together and kind of make them feel like they are residents again. 

Being an RA is absolutely wonderful, but sometimes it is really nice to go to events that you haven't planned, purchased, or have to execute. If you ask any of the RAs on my staff, they will probably tell you that they love being an RA. They work so hard throughout the year so, I love being able to plan activities and parties for them to go to, that hopefully makes them feel appreciated. RAs do so much work behind the scenes and if there is any activity that I can plan to help them de-stress you better believe I'm going to do it!

Some of the events that I have helped plan and execute this semester is the RA/DA Christmas Ornament Party. We decorated Christmas ornaments, drank homemade hot chocolate, and decorated the Residence Life Christmas tree. About 30 RA/DAs showed up and it was so nice seeing everyone catch up and take a break. 

I'm also in the middle of planning the RA/DA Winter Social! My friend James and I are planning the event and the goal is to make it a fun party to end the fall semester with. We have about three weeks until the event and we know it's going to be a total blast. 

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