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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

10 Blogging Confessions

Whenever Josh and I are talking and I have something serious to say I usually start out by saying "I have a confession..." This used to make him nervous because he thought I was going to say something totally terrible but, I have now conditioned him to not be scared of that phrase. Anyways, today on the blog I'm sharing all of you some blogefessions that I have been feeling for sometime now!

one. Sometimes blogging is a chore. I love to write but, recently it has taken so much for me to be motivated. However, now that three of my graduate school apps are submitted I can finally relax (a little) and get back to enjoying blogging.

two. I draft like no other... this post alone has taken me days to write. Sometimes I'll write a post and then not publish it until two or three weeks later... when its not relevant and super random #reallifeblogger

three. I take almost all of the pictures you see on this blog with my iPhone! I have a nice camera and when I got the camera for Christmas I was so excited to enhance my picture quality... but, that would involve me actually getting the camera out (on a regular basis), then lugging it around with me (attempting not to break it), and then sitting down and editing the pictures and posting them. I already have enough trouble getting posts up in a timely fashion (see no. 2) so, for now I'm going the iPhone pic life.

four. I read mommy blogs on the reg... which, is probably weird considering I am a twenty-one year old non-married college student. Anyways, I love reading about pregnancy, parenting, and everything in between.

five. Related to no. 4 I can't wait to blog about married life and everything in that category (when I get married) For all of my married blog-friends you guys always give the best advice (I think) and you make married life look wonderful and real all at once!

six. I designed this blog all by myself... which, is a pretty big accomplishment for me. I literally know next to nothing about html coding and I don't have any fancy photoshop software so, everything you see here is the product of downloaded fonts, word, and screen shots! Maybe one day I'll pay someone who is super fancy and awesome to give my blog a facelift but, for now Radiating Sunshine will live the simple life.

seven. I rarely sit down and actually proof read my posts before I publish them. I know this is something that should be so simple but, I just don't do it. Even with some college papers I struggle with proof-reading! I guess that's why I ended up finding myself a writing-tutor-grammar-police boyfriend to help me out in that department.

eight. On another 'rarely' note: I rarely actually plan out blogposts. I know a lot of bloggers will schedule what is going to be happening on their blog but, quite frankly at this time in my life I just don't have time to plan anything other than the "weekend recaps" which, are pretty much always up on Monday or Tuesdays of every week.

nine. I have serious blog crushes... seriously though some of the blogs I read inspire me to hopefully blog as well as they do when I begin adult life. One of my favorite blogs that I have been crushing on for literally forever is Living in Yellow > Erin seriously knows what she is doing and her posts are always so funny and enjoyable to read.

ten. I dream of my future office/blog space quite regularly. I can picture the white desk, with cute Radiating Sunshine logos, coffee mugs, and a nice agenda book with blog posts that are actually scheduled. I know I'm about 5 years away from that kind of life but, I can't wait for it to get here!

Anyways, that is all of the blogefessions that I have currently
hope whatever day I'm actually posting this is beautiful for you!

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  1. I have major blog crushes too!! And and iPhone is my best friend :)

  2. I am right there with you with the drafting... any post that goes up was probably a draft for at least 2 weeks haha. I also love that you designed all of this yourself!


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