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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mainely Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is in 4 days and I am SO EXCITED. 

I'm excited for multiple reasons... 

My sis is coming to visit me at college tomorrow night! She hasn't slept over at all this semester so I'm so excited to spend some much needed time with her. On Tuesday, she is going to go to my Philosophy class with me and I'm looking forward to hearing what her thoughts are on that class!

Because of RA duties I can't leave school till Tuesday after 7pm, so we are just gonna kill time by Christmas shopping at the Outlets and maybe we will even see a movie! 

After, my RA duties are fulfilled... We're going to go to my grandma's house and visit and see some extended family members and meet up with my parents! It will be a busy day but I can't wait to spend it with my family. 

Then, FINALLY on Wednesday morning around 4am I'll be waking up and getting on a plane to go to Maine for Thanksgiving!! My boyfriend's great grandmother is turning 100! Yes, I said it 100 YEARS OLD! So, I'm flying up to meet his family and spend the holiday up there and celebrate with her. 

I'm bummed I'll be missing out on spending time with my family for Thanksgiving...but  I'm so thankful I have them and they seriously mean the world to me. So even though I'll be a few states away I will definitely be thinking about them! 

Talk about an excited week. I only have one exam and a lot of RA stuff to get through and then I'm homebound kind of!

What are your plans for Thanksgiving?? 

- Alex  

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