Radiating Sunshine: 30 Second Dance Sesh

Monday, December 3, 2012

30 Second Dance Sesh

Just dance it out. 

For 30 seconds. 


This time during the semester when everyone is stressed, frustrated, and nervous for finals my friends and I decided to follow this tradition that my favorite show Grey's Anatomy implemented.

That's right... 30 second dance outs! In the show whenever Cristina and Meredith are having a rough time they "dance it out". So taking their advice, my friend Meghan and I "danced it out" last week.

We turned on some Train, got up from studying and literally started dancing and singing!

So if you're having a bad day and want to release some endorphins, get up and dance it out! It will seriously improve your attitude and you'll find that you will be laughing so hard by the end of it that your sullen mood has gone! 

- Alex  

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  1. OMG SO EXCITED that your post features Grey's!! Obsessed!!


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