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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Organizing in College

A couple of weeks ago I decided I would re-organize my drawers and closet. My old system was just not working for me, and I found that I was just throwing shirts into drawers and not maintaining them. In a dorm or any small space, storage is limited so you really need to be practical when it comes to how you organizing your clothes. 

I have two tips that will definitely help you save on space: 

1) For Closets: Water-falling clothes! I bought these great hangers from Bed, Bath, and Beyond back in August and they have saved on a lot of space.

The Real Simple Slimline Hangers with built in hooks come in a set of 50. They are around $30 per pack; but Bed, Bath, and Beyond is always having exclusive deals if you are on a budget!

I love Real Simple products! And this handy dandy product has saved me a lot of
space in my closet. Which is definitely needed. 

2) For Drawers: Folding shirts vertically is a great way to store clothing. For one reason, it allows easy access to clothing and two, you can see all the different colors in the drawer. 

So if you don't have a lot of space in your drawers this is the best way to organize your shirts. Not to mention by folding carefully you can avoid unnecessary wrinkles in your shirts.

- Alex  

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  1. Reorganized my shirt drawer in my dorm room the same way, and it works awesome! I'm saving so much space and my shirts are going to be wrinkle-free. Thanks for the organization advice!!


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