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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All Moved In

So, yesterday my parents and boyfriend helped me move into my new dorm room! I didn't know what to expect... but I definitely wasn't expecting this!! I have a couple more things to add so see the comments below the pictures. 

After all the organizing and moving...
so happy to be done! But, also wiped out!
It took about two and a half hours to organize and move everything in! But, man am I in love with my new space! I definitely still wish I had a roommate! Last night was quite lonely without Hannah to chat with!

View from door... I am getting curtains (most likely brown)
and a brown area rug to cover up all that tile!

I have about 8 ft. to put a futon-- most
likely to be brown like the curtains
& rug :) I'll also hang some cute pictures
up on the wall behind the futon!

Love the window! My view is pretty wonderful too!
My desk area! Really loving the calendar that is hanging on the wall! Found it at Staples and I can even write on it with dry erase markers!
Oh also... I have AC. Hello 60 degrees!

The New Updates:

You can't really tell the color but its a pale blue! Very tasteful
and can match anything!

My friend Kevin will be happy about this but I got a BLACK futon!
I really wanted to do a brown color scheme but they only had black futons
so I had to settle. I'm also looking for raspberry pillows to go with the futon!

That is a dark grey rug on the floor there! 
Now, I just need to think about what to put over top of the futon for decorations! I am thinking possibly pictures but if you have any suggestions please leave a comment below! I have a pretty good amount of space on the wall for decorations! But, please no suggestions that will involve possible damage :) Thanks!
The curtain from earlier... but now its hooked
to the side via a Command Hook! Talk about
nifty! Oh and the blue body pillow is
from Chad's mom! Thanks Mrs. H!

More New Editions: Est. 9/12/12
My wonderful boyfriend, got me
the cutest poster of two people kissing
under and umbrella! So cute!

And the post it underneath is the note he hid for me
in my pillow case the first day I moved into college
Freshmen Year!

This is just a little section I added a couple of
days ago! Those cute little images below
 the TOMS sign were from my
Happiness is Homemade Bulletin
Board! I just couldn't let precious
words and cool graphics like
that go to waste!

The bookshelf!! I love this new edition to
 my desk!! It really frees up some space
and allows a great place to keep
all my textbooks and binders
for class! Not to mention an excellent
photo dump area!! Now I can look at all my
loved ones ALL the time! :)

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  1. By far the best blog i've seen since 'nam. Swell Job Alex, top notch.


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