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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Naturally, when my close friend and follower Clancy nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award I immediately hit google to find out information about what it is and what I have to do. But, before I go into what I found here's a shout out to Clancy and you all should totally go check her out on Life. a little less ordinary!

So how it works...
    The nominee has 5 questions to answer (from the blogger that nominated them), 5 random facts about themselves, 5 new nominees with less than 200 followers, and finally 5 questions for those who they have nominated!

The idea behind this is to spread awareness for small blogs like mine! There is some speculation between whether the blogger answers 11 questions, writes 11 facts, nominates 11 other blogger, and so on. But, I decided I'll just stick with 5... I am pretty busy and currently creatively brain-dead so I don't think I can come up with 11 questions to ask!

Soo, lets begin :)

Clancy asked me the following questions: 

1) who inspires you?--- My mom for sure! She is such an independent woman and has managed to raise a family and have a successful career all at once! She gives the best advice and always knows what to do in any situation!
2) what 5 items would you take to a deserted island, and why? --- ONLY 5! Ahh, okay well for starters my entire Elin Hilderbrand collection-- she's an author and I love her stuff!; and matches for a fire, and cooking utensils, and rope! Oh and I would definitely bring my iPhone so then I could get off the deserted island-- but I don't know if thats against the rules or not :p
3) what are 5 things on your bucket list that you have yet to do? 
- Change someone's life
- Graduate college
- Marry the love of my life and start a family
- Meet someone famous
- Do something extraordinary

4) what was a highlight of your childhood/favorite memory? The beach... hands down. Always had the greatest time at any beach we went to with my family and family friends!

5) where is your favorite place to be? At home, with my family, friends, and Chad!

5 Random Facts:
- I'm a black belt
- I make my bed everyday 
- I am currently using 3 different calendars for all of my scheduling
- My favorite dessert is Tiramisu 
- If my work load and responsibilities don't kick my butt this semester, not seeing my boyfriend while we are both away at school will! 

5 Nominees: 
2) Lauren
3) Ariel
4) Emily
5) Katie

My 5 Questions for you: 
1) Who's your favorite author?
2) Are you a skirt or a dress kind of gal?
3) Where do you like to shop for clothes?
4) Crafts or Cooking, and why?
5) Favorite disney character?

Hope you do this! It was a fun way to reflect on your life!! Leave me a comment, I wanna read your answers :)


  1. love all of your answers :) glad you did this!!

  2. Hey Mini Me! Thanks for the nomination! I just did mine. You can check out my blog to see my answers. I'm really excited!!

  3. alex, as far as your bucket list. I have one problem with it. You have changed so many people's lives! Don't ever think otherwise :)

    Love Lindie


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