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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August's Bulletins

I have been so busy with RA training that I haven't had time to update you all on how its been going! At the end of training and after I pass the exam I will give a full report on everything I did, learned, and cool adventures. 

But, for now. Here are the bulletin boards and door decorations I put up this month. At the Mount, Resident Assistants have to put up new bulletin board(s) and door decorations once a month. I have five bulletin boards but luckily I only have to change one of them once a month. But, I will always be updating the other ones with more relevant information and things. 

Here is what I did for August/September: 

Twitter Board. One of my Area Directors always used technology during his
teach-ins so we can tweet about what we are learning #msmreslife

So I decided to create a 4th Mac Twitter Page! My residents can find out
information and find ways to get more information if they are into
social media---twitter!

I love cute quotes! So naturally, I wanted to welcome my residents with
a board that will make them happy and feel at home! I also put a column (left side) where they can
write about what makes them happy! -- I'm hoping they keep it appropriate, but since
I have all girls I have faith!

My door decoration for this month is a star! I used lilly green, salmon (color above but
flash altered it), and orange as my star colors!

I have 45 residents so thats about 50 door decs I have to cut out-- wowww! But, I had such a great time
thinking about what I wanted to welcome my residents with! 

Since, I have 5 bulletin boards I figured this would be an easy way to
be able to change a bulletin board but not have to put a lot of time and
effort into it. So this is my advice column to my residents. I am definitely
going to change the advice monthly!

The board I didn't know I had until the last minute... It is just a
welcome board because its in the stairwell and I am hoping to put little things up about
my residents when I have one of my first hall programs but for now
its a simple welcome board!

And here is the info board! It has information about me,
roommate commandments, important phone numbers for
the Mount, and ways to get involved.

This is also a board I can update once a month with new and important information!

I am also using my door as an information board so that residents who walk the opposite way in the hall way who won't get a chance to see the information board above can still be up to date on current information at the Mount! 

Although I have a lot to do and a lot of responsibilities... I love being an RA so far! It's so cool getting a chance to be more involved in my Mount community and I love giving back! I have met two residents so far and I am so excited to meet the rest!! 

If you have any questions or ideas for me please comment below! 

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