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Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Year of Concerts

I am giving reviews about the concerts I have seen this year! They we're all superb but my favorite was hands down Coldplay. Lets start from the beginning though!

Concert #1: Katy Perry @ The Naval Academy, MD

I saw Katy Perry with my roommate Hannah, close friend Meghan, and Hannah's boyfriend who was a young plebe at the time, Matt! The company was great and Katy Perry is one amazing performer. 

The singing was okay... they said she had a cold. But, she was still SO funny! She was quite sassy and sarcastic! The best part of the show was when she picked a totally random Midshipmen to come up on stage and she kissed him-- they did the iconic Navy pose! Man, that was probably a lucky day for that young fellow! She didn't leave the girls out though, for us she sang I Kissed a Girl. The concert was great and although we had pretty bad seats it was still so much fun to see her perform and spend some quality time with my close friends! The Venue was pretty cool too! We got to explore the Naval Academy and see really cool things!

Concert #2: Ingrid Michaelson @ The Electric Factory, PA

 I saw Ingrid Michaelson with my best friend Caitlin and her dad! The venue was so cool, we were really close to Ingrid and the vibes from the audience was awesome! Ingrid was so original and even told cool stories about her life. Not only does she have a beautiful voice but her personality is so wonderful. I will always be biased towards Ingrid so I could easily say her concert was the best concert ever! She is currently my favorite singer and I know almost all of her stuff! My all time favorite song by Ingrid is You and I, check it out here! I hope you fall in love with her music just like I did!

                        Concert #3: Cold Play @ Izod Center

 So we started our trip with a long car ride to Northern New Jersey to see Coldplay! The drive was a pain, but it was totally worth it! The two opening acts were both UK singers and they did an okay job- the back up bands were playing way to loud so we could barely hear the singers! But once Coldplay came to the stage the entire crowd lit up... literally. They gave us all these cool wristbands and when the first song came on the wristbands lit up and started blinking. The picture to the left is the wristbands lit up and the stage. Chris Martin is truly an artist and it was fabulous! He is a great performer and I will definitely see him again! The show was so interactive and he sang his heart out! Plus, is was great spending some time with my family, Chad, and Brooke's boyfriend Gerry! 

Have you been to any cool concerts? Please let me know some ones I should check out! 

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