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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello Long Distance Relationship

I have never had a long-distance relationship before, nor have I ever wanted one. Last year, Chad and I were only an hour away from each other. But, now he will be a junior at Salisbury University and I will be a sophomore at Mount Saint Mary's University. 

Mountains vs. Sea. Salisbury vs. Emmitsburg. Seagulls vs. Mountaineers. 

Sea vs. Mountains... whatever way we look at it there is 4 hours of driving and bay bridge traffic to tackle if we want to see each other. So, its time to start getting used to having a long distance relationship.

Last year was painful going weeks without seeing each other, so for awhile I have been SO nervous about how our relationship will be affected with the 4 hours in between us instead of just the hour. We have talked a lot on how we plan to compensate for all the time we will miss spending together. And that has slowly made me feel more comfortable about leaving... which is in less than a WEEK! Not only is the distance going to be taxing, but we are both taking challenging classes, I'll be a new RA (which means I can't just pick up and go visit on a weekend), he'll be living in an apartment with total strangers. So all the new changes are going to be pretty stressful now add that to not being able to get together with your best friend when ever you need to talk or have a hug and you have one sticky situation.

If you have any advice on how to make a long-distance relationship work please comment below! I'm a new-by in need of direction! 

But for now, I want to show you how Chad and I spent our summer! It was short, but wonderful at the same time!

Brunch at the BoneFish Grille- Back when I had LONG Hair! 

We took a day trip to Busch Gardens which was soooo much fun! I'm not pictured because I hate the drop tower!

We went hiking at Cunningham Falls and went for pizza afterwards! 

We both got a lot of sun down in OBX for a week with my family.  We spent the 4th of July there and had a great time with family and family friends!

We double dated with Hannah (my roommate) and her bf, Matt at Buca Di Beppos which was so much fun! Literally we laughed till our insides hurt!
We are having one last hurrah this weekend, before he helps pack me up and move me into school! Friday night we are going to see Coldplay perform, Saturday we are going to Baltimore for a afternoon and night on the town, and Sunday we are going to his Grandparent's house for the kick off party of their family reunion week that regrettably I will be missing most of because of RA training! It is a packed weekend that will be full of memories!

So goodbye the ten minute commute between our houses and hello long distance! I'll miss you Chadders! :)

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  1. So as I'm going through the pictures of you and chad I wanted to "like" the bonefish picture because I was there :) That was my first mother's day at bonefish and I had only been there for like a month! That was fun :)


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