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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Travel Smart-- Toiletries Organization

I'm a girl with tons of hair products, make-up, and toiletries in general! I like to be prepared so when a situation occurs I am prepared... A couple of my friends swear by this Vera Bradley- Hanging Organizer. Online prices range from $19.20-$48; depending on the color and pattern. But, trust me this is an investment that is worth your money. 

Here is the bag totally empty. It has 4 pockets that
are ready to be filled with toiletries!

This is my bag full! This is a miracle because
with everything I bring on a trip-- especially one to
the beach, it was great to only use on bag!

And after the bag is full you roll it up and tie the two strings
together and you have a cute and organized bag full of toiletries. 
I would really recommend this hanging-organizer! It makes packing for a trip so less stressful and your toiletries can travel in style!

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