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Monday, July 16, 2012

My Favorite Nail Color

Looking for that perfect nail color? Me too.

I paint my nails every week... or at least try too! And for the past three weeks I have been loving Essie's Happily Ever After nail polish! It's a very light pink and gives your nails a polished clean look even if they are a bit chipped! Now, that is hard to find! 

Not only is the color wonderful but the polish itself doesn't chip very easy and really gives your nails a healthy look!

I work in retail and do a lot of things around the house like cleaning, cooking, & crafts so it's nice to have a nail polish that I can rely on to always make my nails look stunning and professionally done!

I have the polish on in these pictures

Pretty sure the polish Happily Ever After is suppose to be for a bride on her wedding day, and who knows I may even use it for my special day (way in the future) but for right now it suits my needs quite well with the perfect color that goes with any outfit and occasion!


  1. I must say that I think many of the boys here in Agbokpa would like to try this nail polish. They all seem to either paint their finger nails or their toes! I don't get it!!!

  2. I'll send a bottle over! Haha that's so funny, maybe it's just a cultural thing. You must take a picture if they paint your toes! That would be hysterical! -- and then add that to the manly mustache you're rocking!

    1. hahaa will do! I really dont think I'll be able to do the painted nails but we shall see...


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